Specializing in Federal Employee Benefits and Alternatives


As a federal employee, are you frustrated about the lack of guidance you receive from the Human Resource Office or from OPM? Are you confused about the options regarding FEGLI, Survivor Benefit and Thrift Savings Plan? Are you feeling isolated and powerless about your benefits and need to seek the knowledge and experience of someone who has been in your shoes? If you or your co-workers feel the same way, you have the opportunity to tap into the knowledge and experience of a former Human Resource Manager of the federal government today! This website is a great starting point and if you're looking for a real person to talk to, we're only a phone call away.  

I am able to speak freely about your retirement alternatives unlike the folks in your human resource office, who are restricted from giving advice about your benefits.

I am passionate about helping others and look forward to developing a mutually beneficial and respectful relationship as we map out your retirement needs. 

Take advantage of the resources available for you today and retire with confidence.